No matter what is going – don’t forget to stay moving this month! Activity is so important to maintain health, weight, and a strong immune system. Activity is great during all stages of life – children, adults, pregnant, older adults – we all receive benefits from being physically active! He

Are you working from home and not sure quite sure what to make for lunch? This week keep it simple and try to use what you have in the house. Here are a few basic ideas to help you build an awesome lunch!

  1. Start with a base – veggies, like a bagged salad mix or left over lettuce and chopped veggies of your choice from last nights dinner. Get colorful! (1 – 2 servings from this group)
  2. Add a protein – try lean meat like chicken or turkey, or just use what you have from leftovers – egg, low fat cheese, fish or shrimp, even canned tuna or beans are a great option. (1 – 2 servings from this group)
  3. Top with healthy fats – use a dressing of your choice (just read the label and look for whole food ingredients) or try making your own. Try lightening up your favorite recipe using low-fat greek yogurt, avocado, or olive oil for a healthy fat swap. Just watch the portion – try measuring your dressing to avoid overdoing it. (1 servings from this group)
  4. Don’t forget a bonus – add in something to top your lunch with and make it a bit more creative then the everyday. Here are some great ideas – sliced fresh fruits, dried fruit like cranberry or raisins, leftover brown rice or whole wheat pasta, a few tortilla chips, or even some cooked sweet potato or corn. But remember stick to 1 and the try another next time. (1 servings from this group)
    Just be sure to watch the portion sizes and serve yourself enough for 1 meal. Make lunch fun today and get more use out of your leftovers! Remember – eat healthy to stay healthy during COVID 19.