Do you find yourself with more access to snack foods lately and maybe grabbing some saltier snacks then normal.

Watch out for the sneaky salt – often packaged, canned, boxed, and bottles food contains a high amount of salt or sodium we don’t even notice. Yes – we do need some sodium but too much can be harmful and not heart-healthy. Here are some ideas for salt snack swaps.

Look for “unsalted or low-sodium” when buying foods like crackers, pretzels, or even nuts.
Skip the salt and butter on your popcorn – pop at home popcorn (plain) and try topping with your favorite spices! Even garlic, parmesan, or chili powder, a dash of cinnamon sugar or Splenda … add a small amount (1 tsp) of olive oil and get creative!
Finally – opt for whole foods when you can with fresh, frozen, or even canned (and rinsed) fruits and vegetables. EAT real FOODS!