Enjoy these low Glycemic Index vegetables any time of the day and in unlimited amounts, as long as they are fresh and raw. If there is an amount stated do not exceed the daily portion listed. You can eat these foods using a fat-free vinaigrette dressing (recipes provided) or you can purchase a fat-free vinaigrette at your local market. Read the label. The RDN’s at FNC center encourages the consumption of varied vegetables for not only vitamins and minerals but to help control blood sugar and calorie intake.

Alfalfa seeds
Celery, diced
Green Beans
Lettuce (Bibb, Boston, or Romaine preferred)
Pepper, Bell (any color), 1 medium
Scallions (green onions), diced
Zucchini, 1 medium

Additional Ingredients. You can choose ONE per day of one of the following low Glycemic Index foods to add to the Endless Salad.
Apple, 1 small
Grapefruit, ½ medium
Orange, 1 small

Macadamia Nuts, 8 nuts
Peanuts, 8 nuts
Walnuts, 8 nuts

Add an endless salad to any meal or snack. The Fat-free Vinaigrettes are free to consume.