Diabetes requires ongoing daily care. During the day you are thinking about eating, exercising, medications, checking your blood glucose levels, and everything else going on in your life. This could be overwhelming and stressful. Remember you are not alone. Your health care professional can provide you with resources.

16 Tips for Coping with Holiday Stress

1.     Make realistic expectations for the holiday season.
2.     Set realistic goals for yourself.
3.     Do not take on more responsibilities than you can handle. Pace yourself.
4.     Make a list and prioritize the important activities. This can help make holiday tasks more manageable.
5.     Live and enjoy the present. Look to the future with optimism.
6.     Be open to new experiences.
7.     If you are lonely, try volunteering some time to help others.
8.     Look for free holiday activities. Check your local paper or website.
9.   Limit your drinking, since excessive drinking will only increase your feelings of depression.
10.   Try something new. Celebrate the holidays in a new way.
11.   Spend time with supportive and caring people.
12.   Reach out and make new friends.
13.   Make time to contact a long-lost friend or relative and spread some holiday cheer.
14.   Make time for yourself!
15.   Let others share the responsibilities of holiday tasks.
16.   Keep track of your holiday spending. Overspending can lead to further stress and depression.

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