Tips to Navigate a Buffet

  1. Never go to a buffet hungry. You may be tempted to overindulge. Have a light snack a few hours before arriving at the event.
  2. Use a salad plate, which holds less food than a dinner plate.
  3. Start off with fresh vegetables and/or salad greens. Serve with low-calorie dressing, vinegar, salsa, mustard, or lemon. Avoid the croutons, bacon bits, cheese, and salads made with mayonnaise.
  4. Next go for a low-calorie beverage, such as water, unsweetened ice tea, or diet soda. If you are walking around with a beverage in one hand and a plate of vegetables in the other hand, you can easily avoid the appetizers being passed around.
  5. Main meal. Fill half your plate with vegetables. Choose steamed vegetables and keep away from those with heavy sauces. Avoid pastry items, deep-fried, breaded and foods prepared with mayonnaise, sour cream and cheese sauces. Instead choose lean meats, poultry, or fish. If you want to try a variety of items, ask for small samples.
  6. Avoid bread and crackers, especially if prepared with added fat.
  7. If you want a dessert, choose a light alternative. Many buffets now offer low-calorie or sugar-free desserts, as well as fresh fruit.

Eating at a buffet can be challenging, but with planning, motivation, and moderation you are bound to be successful.

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